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Roaring Fork Club opening

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Out-of-touch for a few days…trying to keep up with Gino.

Friday, August 1st, we opened Gino’s and his daughter Siri’s exhibition at the Roaring Fork Club in Basalt, Colorado. What a beauty! We’ve gotten a lot of emotional response…which is what Gino’s paints….emotion. During the show, clips provided by Jonny Kloberdanz, cinematographer/editor of Gino’s new documentary The Art and the Artist, were shown in the bar and the library, all with positive response. Along with Gino’s son, the primary photographer for the Running of the Bulls (check out this link:, his daughters, Alex and Mikella were present, Gino’s daughter Lise Hollander-Cohen and her husband Howard. Jim Light, the Roaring Fork Club’s managing partner, swung through as well as Karen Woodard of Aspen, Kevin Ward of the Aspen Science Center, Jeff and Linda Howard of Miami and Basalt, Leslie McNamee-Johnson with KDNK Community Radio,….more coming.

During installation, Gino, his son Jim, and I were standing in the hallway of the RFC Lodge, looking over the newly installed paintings. Gino noticed that one was crooked so he asks me for a boost onto a fairly high chest, “C’mon Katrina, give me a little boost.” Before Jim or I could dissuade him, 83-year old (84 on Monday) Gino was standing up on the chest, had his painting straightened and jumped down, commanding us to remove the ladder we’d grabbed for him. He amazes me!

RFC hallway with paintings Barbie & Gino Hollander at Roaring Fork Club. Installation at Roaring Fork Club. Siri's horse sculpture installation at RFC. Sir's human sculpture during RFC installation. Barbara Hollander & guests at Roaring Fork Club opening.