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Hasta la vista Aspen….hola Ojai!

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

With 84-year old Gino’s oxygen levels dropping continually at a ‘mere’ 8200 feet, the plan took shape and has already been executed: a move to sea level. Gino and Barbie flirted with the idea of Spain again but with family stateside, Ojai, California seemed to fit the bill. And, it does; see so with the email below:

“My kids knew my modus operendi and suggested Ojai as being my best shot..considering barbara’s needs as well..and lo and behold..have a three bedroom on the last street in town to west..only alfalfa field and huge orange grove and then Natl forest as view from my bedroom the sorta office and the ample studio space and sizable backyard….not a house or structure to be seen..good start…and yes five hundred feet instead of 8 thousand altitude has resulted in zero use of oxygen feed so far and probable continue same……the week here in Ojai…strange and wonderfull feeling after near five years on ox….24/7 good start….had all family so willingly crawling around on hands and knees with workload doing all to be done..unloaded some 80 large boxes plus all our furniture and most already put in place……
my studio just about set..and figure to start painting agin in few days.

call next time your heading this way…we will be finished with this
settlin in process in week or two….
tel number is 805 272 8107 and just got back on line this
afternoon….with some 180 e’s showing….oye vey!!!
Sempre Advanti


Gino Hollander's Ojai studio

Gino in Minneapolis

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Check out this link to a swell slideshow featuring Gino’s paintings alongside sculpture by his daughter Siri Hollander. This artwork is installed at the famous Rand Tower in the windows of Brosseau PR. We’ve been working with James Rutherford, Regional Director, to make this window exhibition possible:

Gino’s work is also showing for view at C.McGee’s in the Warehouse District. Images coming soon.