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Read about Gino's life as an artist through the point of view of his wife Barbara, who was there at his side encouraging and supporting his expression of individuality through his art and adventures.

It's a love story (but a far cry from the woman's romance category), of a woman who makes her own rules in searching for her ego, in searching for a fuller life for herself and her family. The author's early milieu was the Depression, World War II and Greenwich Village of the 50’s. It covers the art scene, the film people, the Eurotrash. It deals in ego, in archeology, architecture, culture and taste; in off-beat travels, in the very unconventional education of the children and their parents. It takes you from the back rooms of Seventh Ave. designers to the remotest Spanish mountain village, from glittering corridas and country fairs to the earliest human endeavors—Palaeolithic cave art. Home base for this American family's three decades in Spain is a huge Andalusian l5th Century Cortijo, entirely rebuilt by them without architect or engineer, using only the treasures of Sephardic Cordoba, of Moorish Granada, of Medieval Spain to reconstruct their dream house with a bit of Iberian, Phoenician, Roman and Vizigoth thrown in. It is a home for myriad birds of prey, five-in-hand carriages, a month-long family horse trip across Spain to run with the bulls in Pamplona. A home of love and living, of life and death. It has something for everyone.

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