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From: Gino Hollander

Subject: Luciano Pavarotti 

One of my collectors was very much into classical music; his wife a director of the Met and of Carnegie Hall...I forget now the year but figure it was earlyish Luciano, way before the Rome World Soccer/Three Tenors fame though he was already a figura, a young and vibrant star at the Met. This friend/collector invited us to dinner at his place on Sutton Place when Luciano was staying with them and he, LP, was gonna cook a dinner..for us all. I'd had a dinner date with a then friend Morley Safer (the Sixty Minutes guy) and couldn't break it but Morley very much wanted to try to do a segment and interview with Pavarotti. This seemed like good timing so we said we could be up... and did.

And yes, it was spaghetti (very good) and tortellini and stuff and...a good evening! And yes, Morley got to do a very good interview with Luciano the following week....no big deal....lot of stuff was happening in those days. I Ioved barter and through it got involved in all kinds of stuff with all those people. And yes, he sang...some Italian folk pieces for the five of us from the kitchen yet.

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