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From the first Hollander went his own way.  Not only in his style, which was uniquely his own, but in his refusal to become involved in the art world.  He chose no master, watched no one paint, avoided exhibitions and dealers.  He simply painted  -  and exhibited everything that he did.  He was not satisfied with his work  -  nor is he today but he showed it anyway.  The bad along with the good.  And little by little he began to be discovered, and to discover himself.  [Read Full Story]


He has no ax to grind, no point of view.  He paints what he feels:   the unvoiced things going on within his own consciousness.  He won't discuss his intentions or inner meanings with collectors, won't discuss technique with his fellow artists,  refuses to philosophize.  He's much more likely to engage you in conversation on horses or bull fighting or mountain climbing or skiing. [Read Full Story]


HOLLANDER'S ART: STUDIES IN EMOTION AND TRUTH (Scott E. Dial for Destination Magazine)
Most people would be content to achieve success in just one field of art. But not Gino Hollander. He became one of the nation's most respected film directors and documentary directors. Yet that success wasn't enough. So he turned away from the art of movie making to pursue the art of painting. Painting was an art that he never even seriously put his hand to until he was 35 years old. But he quickly developed and mastered techniques that have made him one of the world's great art talents. [Read Full Story]


EASIER TO LIVE WITH THAN HE (Barbara Hollander) 
"His paintings are a lot easier to live with then he is."  One of the first painters to turn to acrylics he found this medium to suit his rapidly enthusiastic style.  During more than 35 years his mastery had developed but he has never strayed for from his chosen subjects.  No story teller, he's a pure emotionalist.  A superb colorist, he prefers to paint in black and white.  Enormously prolific, he exhibits world wide and has more canvases in ownership than any other living artist.  From his early days painting in New York he has avoided the art world per se, refusing all connections with trends or schools.  Never in fashion his works have not gone out of fashion.

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