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AU - RED : 60 x 91

AU 0981 : 67 x 96

AU 0999 : x

From: Gino Hollander
Subject: The Elegant Universe

"Well, it's a term that isn't mine. I hate to use it -- I can't think of anything else out right that I use that way, something that is stolen from somebody. But, it comes from Brian Greene who wrote a book called The Elegant Universe. It's actually a very good book which I read two or three times. At any rate, I love the term elegant universe. It is an elegant universe and it goes on and on. A universe which we're the one billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a part of. But it's all one. And life is all of one. We reproduce and so everything that reproduces, and that's everything that lives, is your brother or your sister and one with you."


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