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AT 0887 : 48 x 70

AT 1716 : 2m15 x 4m15

AT 1915 : 22 x 29

From: Gino Hollander

Subject: Meeting Jacqueline Kennedy at Pamplona

"JK and Fermin Borquez, famous rejoneador and winery from Jerez de la Frontera..I am just in back of her and when some hundreds of photographers, shortly after this photo, blocked the way. Jackie's horse started freaking and I went up and grabbed the reins and as was the only English speaker in the whole mess of people...there we began to talk and were held up for 1/2 was a long warm talk of this and that. I invited her to my NY Hollander Gallery on Madison..said I would be in the following month..and sure enough a month later her limo showed up parked double lane in front of gallery.  She came in and spent an hour looking and talking of in Spain mostly Jackie bought a painting and I gifted several works on paper and did a sketch...had a gracious thank you note a week later..

Another thing was that night after the ride  we were all (my family)  in the Alfonso Trece hotel came Grace of Monaco who was the other famosa woman of the year. Grace, who up to this point, sat paseo on horses (above) when Jackie came and became the beloved of Sevilla (Grace had been it)..ah you women, a  different, perhaps better world you are and beget"


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