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From: Gino Hollander

Subject: Cortijo de la Yuegas

How about a start with building Cortijo de las Yeguas. The talk of when and why about the move began on one of the photo shoots in late 1968-only six years after arriving in Spain. And, well, I was ensconced indeed in La Chopera, our home with the tower studio, where I painted, and lots of other pluses. But with new Malaga airport, Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport, planned and tourists coming (good for sales but not for living I thought), as I said, 'moving was a chispa de la vida.' The idea of doing was sorta ridiculous, way out there, especially in light of the fact that we were doing just great on the coast and though getting along very well, had no money put aside at all to even buy the land no less build a place.... and besides never had built anything.



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