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From: Gino Hollander

Subject: Horse Trip Across Spain

"In Junio de ’73 we went with six horses, the four kids and a friend of Jim’s across Spain from Pizarra to Pamplona.  It was a trip that Marc, my son, had suggested after he went with us to Sevilla for the Feria de 1969.

After two very heavy years I decided now’s the time for me to get into the act of living once again.  And a horse trip, including sleeping outside all the way which would probably take about thirty days, was just the thing.  Being on Marejada, my horse,  for five hours a day for thirty days would have been challenge enough but cutting cross-country with no roads allowed and carrying everything with us on a couple packhorses was a challenge indeed.

Barbara was to ride Alexi as she did, the three days up and three days back, to Sevilla.  An enthusiastic horsewoman she wasn’t.  But somehow with what I got involved in, she managed to go along with at least this once.  All was set for our departure 21 de Mayo at six in the morning.  A huge downpour (early for Málaga) started as we were packing up the horses and saddling.  I mean a torrential affair."

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