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AFP 1718 : 40 x 31 : SOLD
AFP 1720 : 19 x 33 : SOLD
Brad Sibling : x :

From: Gino Hollander

Subject: Portraits

"Over the last few years I have been doing a number of portraits, most all of them children of my past collectors...never did them before and though they might not be in the market for another Hollander painting, the portrait offer seems to click. I do them only from photographs after conversations with them and telling them the types of photos I want (which is no at-camera smiling but rather involved in something as if locked in with themselves as one). It seems that discussing this on the phone or through emails, I do get the kind of photos I want. From then on, I work and when finished, they view. If they like, they have a painting. If not, it's returned to me and I have a painting. No down payments. No obligations. I haven't had one turned down yet."

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