Easier to Live with Than He

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EASIER TO LIVE WITH THAN HE (Barbara Hollander) 

"His paintings are a lot easier to live with then he is."  One of the first painters to turn to acrylics he found this medium to suit his rapidly enthusiastic style.  During more than 35 years his mastery had developed but he has never strayed for from his chosen subjects.  No story teller, he's a pure emotionalist.  A superb colorist, he prefers to paint in black and white.  Enormously prolific, he exhibits world wide and has more canvases in ownership than any other living artist.  From his early days painting in New York he has avoided the art world per se, refusing all connections with trends or schools.  Never in fashion his works have not gone out of fashion.


Truly a Renaissance man, Hollander after serving with the famous 10th Mountain Division in W.W.II had a successful career as a film maker in New York before moving to Europe in 1962 to paint and raise a family of five children.  During his thirty years abroad he developed and expertise in archaeology, became a connoisseur of antique furniture and artifacts collections which led to the building and curator of an internationally famed museum to house his collection,  Museum Hollander.  In 1968, serving as his own architect, designer and builder, he constructed Cortijo de las Yeguas for his family home, using throughout some 40 ten-ton truckloads of building materials taken from the remains of destroyed buildings in the Jewish quarters of Seville, Cordoba, Granada, doors, flooring, roof tiles, beams, bricks, ironworks dating from the 14th to 16th Century.  Most of this was paid for in barter for his paintings.This 14,000 square feet home stand today as the finest example of 16th Century restoration in Southern Spain.

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